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We are engaged in offering of PP boxes, which are manufactured by using very high quality raw materials. These PP boxes are widely finds its valuable application in various packaging sectors. Polypropylene Boxes popularly known as PP boxes also known as polypropene is a thermoplastic polymer. These are manufactured in various applications for packaging a considerable number of personal goods including textiles, stationery, plastic parts and reusable containers of various types, laboratory equipments, loudspeakers, automotive components and polymer banknotes. Highly attractive and easy to carry, these attractive packaging help the end client to gift a very attractive product.


Our range of polypropylene boxes is available in diverse designed and specification and is developed by using latest production technology. We make use an advanced bounding technique to glue together the pp to make the boxes. This method is a step ahead of traditional ultra-sonic and interlocking tabs.

Being a customer oriented organisation, providing a wide range of PP boxes to our esteemed clients all over India, and offering our products in various customs made forms with a very reasonable rates. In order to meet the industry market standards, these are designed precisely by our accomplished team members as per the variegated demands of our esteemed patrons. These products are widely used for packaging gift items. To ensure that all the products are thoroughly examined by our quality controllers using latest tools and amenities. The PP boxes made out of this material are being widely used in industrial and commercial establishments of the storage and transportation of materials. These are preferred boxes due to their strength reusability ad life duration.

◆ PP material is environmentally friendly material, but not good enough transparency, flexibility is very good, light weight, so the low cost packaging for stationery products.
◆ PP transparent plastic box with the perfect combination of printing technology will be designed to create the product you are good at the show in front of customers.
◆ PP material suitable for offset printing, screen printing, bronzing hot silver matte effect.

Plastic #5 – Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic polymer. It is strong, tough, has a high resistance to heat and acts as a barrier to moisture.

Where is Polypropylene found?

  • PP Boxes
  • Yogurt & margarine tubs
  • Plastic cups & baby bottles
  • Kitchenware, microwavable plastic containers and lids

Health Concerns
Most PP are microwavable safe and dishwasher safe.

NOTE: microwavable/dishwasher safe only means that the plastic will not warp when heated. It does not imply that it is a healthy practice.

A better alternative is using glass containers to heat foods and to hand wash plastic instead of using the dishwasher.

Polypropylene (PP) – This polyolefin is readily formed by polymerizing propylene with suitable catalysts, generally aluminum alkyl and titanium tetrachloride.

Polypropylene properties vary according to molecular weight, method of production, and the copolymers involved.

Generally polypropylene has demonstrated certain advantages in improved strength, stiffness and higher temperature capability over polyethylene.

Polypropylene has been very successfully applied to the forming of fibers due to its good specific strength which is why it is the single largest use of polypropylene.

Polypropylene also happens to be one of the lightest plastics available with a density of 0.905 g/cm².


Plastic Box Color: Clear or customized
Plastic Box Specification: Customized
Plastic Box can be made as per customer’s request and design
Can print LOGO or any other design on boxes using silk-screen and CMYK offset printing
Also Plastic Box can be made of different thickness of the material, with different specification of the products, different printing and design
Excellent quality and factory competitive price.

OEM orders are welcome in our factory.
We will supply the best service for you!