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SPK Packaging creates products in a wide variety of form factors and caters to many industries, these are just some examples of the sorts of parts we create, and the ways in which the can be used. We manufacture all product types in a variety of plastics including PVC, PET, PS, PP as well as subtypes (food-safe, post-consumer recycled, anti-static, etc). All products can be created in a variety of colors and finishes, depending on your individual needs. These are just some of the product types we create, so do not hesitate to inquire about others such as protective coverings and food-specific packages.


Clamshells are a one-piece product that can be securely closed via built in locks or ultrasonic welding/packaging film. They encase the product on all sides and are effective in providing protection during shipping and transport.

In the retail environment, plastic clamshells are a leading way of packaging products, and a primary component of “visual packaging”. By allowing the customer to see the product, as well as capturing attention clamshell packaging acts as an effective part of many products packaging strategy. When seen next to traditional non-visual packages (IE: cardboard boxes with a product shot on the front), clamshell packaging attracts customer attention at a much greater rate, and does a great job of creating perceived value in the consumers’ eyes. When combined with a printed card insert, retail clamshell packaging allows for a quick to assemble total package that also enables your business to quickly swap the printed insert to vary marketing message or localization.


Blister packaging involves using a custom formed plastic blister that is then usually sealed onto a printed back make of card-stock. This is a very effective way to create low-cost visual packaging for small parts, especially when the client already has sealing machinery in place. We pride ourselves on our ability to create complex blisters while keeping costs down and providing quick delivery.



The plastic trays manufactured or shipping trays in manufacturing environments, or as inserts for retail packaging. Material choice is dictated by intended application, as is overall size.

In manufacturing environments custom-formed plastic trays make an ideal choice as an alternative to cardboard cartons with dividers. Our trays are cost-competetive with carboard dividers, but have the added benefit of being dust-free when used in the correct way. In a shipping capacity plastic trays act to protect products from impact and contact which can create major problems and final rejection rates when using bulk shipping. Because the trays are custom formed to correspond with the specific parts to go in them, they aide in organization in plants and shipping and allow for easier inventory where counting is necessary.


Most of our tray designs allow for the creation of a corresponding snap-on lid to provide further protection for the parts that are enclosed, and security during shipping. If this is a design consideration for you project, let us know and we will make it happen.



In the consumer packaged goods industry, formed plastic trays make for effective inserts to keep products in place inside cartons or other boxes. Our trays are low-cost and can be produced on demand, making them the perfect solution for growing businesses or situations where products often change between production runs.

Electrostatic Dissipative Electronic Packaging

By utilizing plastics with an ESD or anti-static coating, we create protective packaging for the electronics industry that protects their products from static damage as well as impact and vibration during shipping or internal transportation. Elmes Packaging has extensive experience designing effective packaging solutions where static is a concern, and the use of our techniques can minimize costs for lost products, as well as the need for additional packaging materials such as specialized sleeves and wrappings.