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Clamshells Packaging from SPK Manufacturing
Plastic clamshells from SPK are a great packaging solution for protecting and selling consumer products at retail.
SPK Packaging has been designing and thermoforming clamshells. Our objective is to produce consistently high-quality clamshells that fulfills the requirements of our customers, and our customer’s customers.

Clamshell Benefits
– Pilferage-proof and transparent, clamshells offer attractive and safe merchandising of consumer product goods at retail.
– Clamshells are lightweight and easy to fulfill, facilitating efficient logistics and distribution.
– Clamshells can be designed with easy-open features, allowing for the elimination of secondary sealing operations while optimizing the consumer opening experience.
– Transparent plastic clamshells allow for instant product recognition at retail; hence, enhanced consumer convenience and increased product sales.

SPK Custom Clamshells
SPK both engineers and thermoforms plastic clamshells. Consequently, designs clamshells forthermoforming. This approach to clamshell design equates to the production of high-quality plastic clamshells that are engineered to take advantage of the capabilities of thermoforming.